December Newsletter: Updates from the Independent Drivers Guild

2023 in Review: A Milestone Year for the Independent Drivers Guild

2023 was a momentous year for drivers with the Independent Drivers Guild. Our movement to bring justice to the rideshare industry grew massively and enjoyed some huge victories. On both coasts and everywhere in between, drivers made huge advances, including attaining landmark wage increases, protecting against unfair deactivations, and providing new educational opportunities for rideshare workers. We are proud of the work we’ve done this year and endlessly grateful for all of your hard work.

A win for one driver is a win for all. That’s why so many of our successes this year stretched across state borders, encompassing our entire national movement. Hundreds of unfairly deactivated drivers throughout the country got back to work this year thanks to IDG. We lobbied at statehouses across the nation for better driver rights and protections. And we expanded mental and physical health benefits and programs throughout our chapters. Let’s take a look back at how far we’ve come!

A Hard-Fought Victory in New York: Pay Increases for Drivers

After constant pressure from Independent Drivers Guild members, New York raised wages for rideshare workers in March. Our efforts to push back against Uber and Lyft’s exploitative policies after seeing driver wages decrease in the last few years represent a huge triumph for our movement. Rideshare driving used to be a more profitable, reliable option for work, but now full-time drivers struggle to make ends meet. That’s why increasing driver pay is one of our biggest priorities, and we will continue to work hard to ensure drivers are compensated fairly.

Groundbreaking Legislation in Massachusetts: Rideshare Driver Justice Bill Sets Path for Driver Union and Higher Pay

In January, Drivers Demand Justice introduced the Rideshare Driver Justice Bill, a historic piece of legislation that would grant tens of thousands of rideshare drivers across Massachusetts the right to unionize. Since then, the bill has gained momentum along with the backing of key members of the state legislature. Massachusetts drivers and their allies shared their experiences driving for Uber and Lyft at a legislative briefing in November, and then again at the bill’s first legislative hearing in December. We are on our way to making history with this landmark bill. Thank you to our members in Massachusetts for continuing to fight courageously for our rights!

Welcome to our Driver Movement, IDG Florida!

We were thrilled to welcome our Florida drivers to the cause this year! The size of our movement is steadily increasing, and it’s a testament to the dedication and passion of individuals like you who have joined us on this journey. The more drivers we have onboard, the harder we are to ignore! In Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, drivers have gathered from all walks of life as we expand our fight for higher wages, better benefits, and a rideshare union to the Sunshine State. Drivers in the south are hungry for change – their dedication reinforces the fact that positive change is not only possible, but within our reach. Welcome to the IDG!

Illinois Drivers Keep Up the Pressure on Important Issues

Illinois has witnessed remarkable progress this year, marked by the collective efforts of our incredible drivers. Drivers mobilized to send over 30,000 letters to the Chicago City Council, urging the implementation of a deactivation ordinance to safeguard drivers from unjust deactivations. We also played a pivotal role in issues supporting drivers through wellness support, deactivation assistance, and legal help. And it wouldn’t be a great year without IDG Illinois being part of Justice for App Workers Midwest’s second annual Chicago Gigfest! Thank you to all our Illinois drivers for never backing down.

Drivers in Connecticut and New Jersey Gain New Benefits

In both Connecticut and New Jersey, our IDG chapters launched inclusive driver customer service classes and wellness training, teaching our members great ways to analyze customer needs, resolve issues, and maintain emotional and physical health. We strive to help you feel as prepared as possible before you hit the road and we’re already seeing our Connecticut and New Jersey drivers reap the benefits of these offerings. Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received everywhere we operate, IDG can continue providing comprehensive benefits for all our drivers in the next year.

Something to Look Forward To: IDG Connecticut Will Offer Mental Health Support Beginning in January

At the heart of IDG is drivers helping drivers to thrive in all aspects of our lives. We know how isolating the rideshare industry can be and it is easy to fall through the cracks when you work alone. That’s why it’s so important to us to offer resources we can all take advantage of when times get tough. Beginning in January, IDG Connecticut will join other branches of IDG in offering mental health support.

We listened to our fellow drivers on the road and came together to build a resource for support. The rideshare industry is unique in its challenges and we want to give drivers help in the way they need. Connecticut members, we are proud to support your mental health journey! Get connected to our new program at

Your Stories Are Our Greatest Strength. IDG Drivers: Thank You for Making Your Voices Heard this Year!

To everyone who shared their rideshare story this year, – whether it was in our newsletter, in an interview, or at an event – we thank you. Your voices are powerful, bringing people into our cause and creating change at the highest levels. We recognize that it can be intimidating to share personal details and we are grateful for your strength. There is no more effective way to achieve our goals than for drivers to speak up.

Next year, we will have more opportunities than ever before to be heard. As our movement grows, we thank you for helping us reach more and more drivers and their families.

The Independent Drivers Guild Sends Season’s Greetings

We at the Independent Drivers Guild want to wish all of our hardworking driver members joyful holidays. We know that this time of year can be hard as many of us continue working long hours to provide for our families. Please know that we appreciate the sacrifices you make each day.  

As the year wraps up, we want to say how thankful we are for your hard work. This organization wouldn’t be the same without the strength and spirit of drivers. Let us take time this season to be proud of what we have accomplished.

Wishing everyone a safe, relaxing, and cheerful holiday. The Independent Drivers Guild is proud to represent you!

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